Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 4

The 21st century skills; Problem solving , Cross culture skills , Critical thinking , Communication, Collaboration, Constitutive criticism.

During the past week:
Tuesday: A presenter came and spoke about guns. The spoke about guns straw purchases and we brainstormed what we could do to help with the gun problem.

Thursday: We learned about how to dress to a job interview, and we talked about where sagging came from and the meaning of sagging.

Then Saturday we finished our canvas, after that we brainstorm about drugs on the bored. We split up into 2 groups and we had to draw a picture about our slogans we thought together. These are our first 2 mural designs.

Next week:
Tuesday: Performance review, and we will review the goals we set for ourselves on fundamentals day. A pay increase is possible, as we receive a formal performance evaluation from the artist and Artworks leadership.

Thursday : We will participate in career coaching with Ms. Trammel.

Saturday : We will create a total of nine designs. We will finish the final design by creating presentations about each mural design. We will also participate in 360 feedback were we will talk about our performance so far.

Personal Quotes
" I like the program Artworks, because I never thought it would be this cool and I look forward to the following weeks!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 3

21st Century Skills: Creativity and Innovation, Social and Cross Cultural Skills, Literacy-Blog, Critical thinking, and Constructive Criticism.

Last Week
Tuesday: Guest Speaker, Rodney Campbell came and spoke about choices. He told a story about three people and the choices they made to get to where they are now. He explained how education creates stability, and how fast money choices lead to loosing everything. Serita Campbell also came in and shared a poem about the same thing.

Thursday: Serious group discussion about Gangs, Guns, and Drugs led by Rodney Campbell.

Saturday: We brainstormed four different version of ideas that we individually wanted to paint about. Each of us have our own topic. We mixed colors and created a color wheel. Then we painted on our own canvases. We also got our paychecks and we went over what the pay stub was and what the different numbers meant.

This Week:
we will have a guest Speaker on Tuesday, to talk about guns in the Milwaukee neighborhood. On Thursday we will go to career coaching. Then we will finish our paintings on Saturday and start designing the first version of the Mural design. We will also use constructive criticism to make our paintings better.

Towanda, " I actually like the program ArtWorks, I thought it would have been hard, but its actually easy and fun at same time."

Anthony, "I really like the program very much. I think we can achieve things no other group has achieved. I also like the fact that they're paying me to learn how to paint and stop street violence."

pictures comming soon

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 1 Review

At ArtWorks on the first week, on Tuesday, we introduced ourselves and set our goals for the next eight weeks of being here at WCS-Project Excel. Nobody knew each other at this program so we decided to do an ice breaker called, 'The Human Knot' so we can all communicate by untangling each other hands. We had to talk to each other and problem solve in order to get free.

The second day, Thursday, we participated in Career Coaching with Ms. Jannie Trammel at Project Excel. We answered questions on the computer using a program called Match Maker. It matched our interests with possible future careers. Then we made professional email accounts.

On Saturday, we started off drawing pictures using symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. We also talked about color, different lines, and design skills. We researched on the computer about gang violence, gun violence, and public service announcements. We split up into groups of two and researched famous artists who designed great art work. The last thing we did was use the computer to research different slogans and came up with some of our own. We then drew pictures to match them.

During the first week of our job at ArtWorks we used the following 21st century employability skills:
Creativity and innovation, Social and Cross cultural skills, Media literacy, Critical thinking, and Communication

Congratulations to the program team!

Thanks to Safe & Sound and Project Excel Apprentices are designing/producing an indoor mural with anti-gun/drug/gang themes. Apprentices will learn about mural making, brainstorm and create mural designs based on themes, meet with the mural customers to pitch design ideas, and work together to produce three 4’ X 4’ indoor murals. They will also design slogans that will be digitally paired with photographed images of the mural, which will be used to print out a series of posters for city youth.

Lead Artist: Katie Van Velzer


Anthony A: Spotted Eagle H.S.

Ashley B: Travis Tech H.S.

Towanda C: Northwest Secondary H.S.

Malcolm C: Vincent H.S.

Destiny E: Custer H.S.

Marcus G: Project Excel H.S.

Hakeem W: Washington H.S.

Anthony Z: Oak Creek H.S.