Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mural Production

Last week:

Tuesday at ArtWorks we blogged using the Smart Board. Then we split up into our groups responsible for the chosen Mural designs. We then started to finalize our designs by creating a practice drawing the same size as the mural.

Thursday we worked with Ms Trammel on our career coaching and learned how to write resumes.

Saturday we split up into our groups to get things accomplished so we can get done with painting our boards. We also started transferring our designs onto the Mural board.

This week:

We will be blogging about our reflections from last week. We will be working in groups to paint each of the panels. We will delegate responsibilities with the group. We will develop details of the design. We will also finished our resume with Ms Trammel and participate in career coaching.

Ashley, "Building this Mural is fun, and sharing our ideas with one another helps us with our communication. Nobody is perfect, we may get frustrated and also mad but we all work through it and try to get the job done with encouraging words. "

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