Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 5 Review

Last week:
- 360 Degree feedback
- Evaluation of work performance
- Present and “Pitch” mural designs to the “Customers”
- Reworked the chosen designs to reflect the customers’ wishes.
- Completed our Goal setting sheets with Ms. Meghan
- Worked in teams to execute the panel designs.
- Primed boards for painting.
- Problem solved the order of items painted
- Transferred designs to the panels.
- Chose the colors we will use in the Murals

21st century skills: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Problem solving, Communication, Self-Direction, Criticism and Feedback

Quotes from Team members:

Anthony: “Every week the team is together we are getting closer together. I hope that the team will be very successful at the end of the program.”

Towanda, “During this program I have learned about criticism and feedback because when someone give you feed back you learn how to do something better.”

Ashley, “I learned working in groups is better than working individually because you can get the work done faster plus everyone shares ideas.”

Hakeem and Malcolm Feedback on the day they pitched their designs to the customer:

When we presented our mural designs to our customers, I think we did a good job. Honestly, I think I could have prepared myself mentally to do better on the presentations. I can’t speak for anybody else but I was very nervous, but some how when I got up to present the design, I worked on all the butterflies went away. I really didn’t know what to say but I am glad I pulled through it.
-Hakeem Walker

The thing was that I was very terrified that I had to present the poster, because it was people that were very important. I had to step my game up and I put all my fears to the side and brought up my confidence and showed how I felt about the design we created.
- Malcolm Curtis

During this Week we will:

- Receive brief informal feed back about our job performance.
- Work in teams to paint each mural.
- Problem solve the order of items to be painted.
- Delegate responsibilities to team members.
- Learn how to use the smart board to blog.
- Thursday we will participate in career coaching through Ms Trammel at Project Excel

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