Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 4

The 21st century skills; Problem solving , Cross culture skills , Critical thinking , Communication, Collaboration, Constitutive criticism.

During the past week:
Tuesday: A presenter came and spoke about guns. The spoke about guns straw purchases and we brainstormed what we could do to help with the gun problem.

Thursday: We learned about how to dress to a job interview, and we talked about where sagging came from and the meaning of sagging.

Then Saturday we finished our canvas, after that we brainstorm about drugs on the bored. We split up into 2 groups and we had to draw a picture about our slogans we thought together. These are our first 2 mural designs.

Next week:
Tuesday: Performance review, and we will review the goals we set for ourselves on fundamentals day. A pay increase is possible, as we receive a formal performance evaluation from the artist and Artworks leadership.

Thursday : We will participate in career coaching with Ms. Trammel.

Saturday : We will create a total of nine designs. We will finish the final design by creating presentations about each mural design. We will also participate in 360 feedback were we will talk about our performance so far.

Personal Quotes
" I like the program Artworks, because I never thought it would be this cool and I look forward to the following weeks!!!

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