Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 1 Review

At ArtWorks on the first week, on Tuesday, we introduced ourselves and set our goals for the next eight weeks of being here at WCS-Project Excel. Nobody knew each other at this program so we decided to do an ice breaker called, 'The Human Knot' so we can all communicate by untangling each other hands. We had to talk to each other and problem solve in order to get free.

The second day, Thursday, we participated in Career Coaching with Ms. Jannie Trammel at Project Excel. We answered questions on the computer using a program called Match Maker. It matched our interests with possible future careers. Then we made professional email accounts.

On Saturday, we started off drawing pictures using symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. We also talked about color, different lines, and design skills. We researched on the computer about gang violence, gun violence, and public service announcements. We split up into groups of two and researched famous artists who designed great art work. The last thing we did was use the computer to research different slogans and came up with some of our own. We then drew pictures to match them.

During the first week of our job at ArtWorks we used the following 21st century employability skills:
Creativity and innovation, Social and Cross cultural skills, Media literacy, Critical thinking, and Communication

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  1. Sounds like you had a full week. Keep up the good work!

    Is it possible to get some pictures taken of you guys at work that we can add to your blog?