Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Congratulations to the program team!

Thanks to Safe & Sound and Project Excel Apprentices are designing/producing an indoor mural with anti-gun/drug/gang themes. Apprentices will learn about mural making, brainstorm and create mural designs based on themes, meet with the mural customers to pitch design ideas, and work together to produce three 4’ X 4’ indoor murals. They will also design slogans that will be digitally paired with photographed images of the mural, which will be used to print out a series of posters for city youth.

Lead Artist: Katie Van Velzer


Anthony A: Spotted Eagle H.S.

Ashley B: Travis Tech H.S.

Towanda C: Northwest Secondary H.S.

Malcolm C: Vincent H.S.

Destiny E: Custer H.S.

Marcus G: Project Excel H.S.

Hakeem W: Washington H.S.

Anthony Z: Oak Creek H.S.

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