Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 3

21st Century Skills: Creativity and Innovation, Social and Cross Cultural Skills, Literacy-Blog, Critical thinking, and Constructive Criticism.

Last Week
Tuesday: Guest Speaker, Rodney Campbell came and spoke about choices. He told a story about three people and the choices they made to get to where they are now. He explained how education creates stability, and how fast money choices lead to loosing everything. Serita Campbell also came in and shared a poem about the same thing.

Thursday: Serious group discussion about Gangs, Guns, and Drugs led by Rodney Campbell.

Saturday: We brainstormed four different version of ideas that we individually wanted to paint about. Each of us have our own topic. We mixed colors and created a color wheel. Then we painted on our own canvases. We also got our paychecks and we went over what the pay stub was and what the different numbers meant.

This Week:
we will have a guest Speaker on Tuesday, to talk about guns in the Milwaukee neighborhood. On Thursday we will go to career coaching. Then we will finish our paintings on Saturday and start designing the first version of the Mural design. We will also use constructive criticism to make our paintings better.

Towanda, " I actually like the program ArtWorks, I thought it would have been hard, but its actually easy and fun at same time."

Anthony, "I really like the program very much. I think we can achieve things no other group has achieved. I also like the fact that they're paying me to learn how to paint and stop street violence."

pictures comming soon

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